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14th January 2014

A notice regarding false allegations made in the "Play Nice" policy on

It has been brought to my attention that allegations of discriminatory behaviour have been levied against me on the website. The site's "Play Nice" policy states the following regarding my banning from the site:

"one member (@sneakerbb) making fun of the disability of another (@radgie)"

I can say quite categorically that this is completely untrue. I have never and would never mock anyone for having any kind of disability.

I have contacted the admin at Scaffies for an explanation of why such a lie would ever be published. I am awaiting a response.

In addition to this, the policy also mentions "spreading rumors and rants" as a further reason for my banning.

This, I suspect, is in regards to a post I made regarding my frustrataion at false and dulpicate profiles on the site. It is worth noting that the Play Nice policy now actually states that users should "have only one account – it irritates others when they realize they may be interacting with the same person in different roles or disguises".

These two factors leave me more puzzled than ever as to why I was banned...?

Please feel free to contact myself or the Scaffies admin team with your comments.